$9.99/ month

  • Setup Fee $199
  • + 5 Premium Integration Features

We create a Simple App design for you with the SmallBiZzApps Builder features. Includes: App Icon – Home & Startup Images – Navigation Style Layout – Color Scheme Design


$24.99/ month

  • Setup Fee $399
  • + 10 Premium Integration Features
  • + Unlimited Push Notifications with Location-based Messaging
  • + PayPal Payment Integration

We create a Premium App design for you with the SmallBiZzApps Builder features. Includes: App Icon – Home & Startup Images – Navigation Style Layout – Color Scheme Design

A few questions about our solutions & pricing?

Find out about mobile iPhone & Android App marketing

What is an App?
An App (short for application) –  is a piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose and is downloaded by a user to a mobile device e.g. smartphones.  Mobile apps extend the reach and productivity of your business.

What is a HTML5 Web App?
The HTML5 Web app or application is a app which runs in a web browser of your smartphone and does not have to be installed. It differs slightly in its look and functions versus an app from the App Store. Its main advantage is the immediate availability to preview on smartphone web browser.
How soon can i get my app into App Stores?
Once completed and submitted to Google Play Store your android app will gain approval within 24 hours.  Once completed and submitted to Apple App Store your iphone app will gain approval within 2 weeks on average. We can submit under our developer account or yours.

What is the push notification?
Push notifications are alert messages, sent to all app users/clients whenever you want and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. This is a perferct tool to communicate offers, events, daily menu specials and so much more with your customers.

What are Features?
Features are used to add pages/functionality to your app. SmallBiZzApps includes over 36 awesome integration features for you to easily integrate. OUR PREMIUM Users full-joy ALL Features (including MCommerce, Shopify, Paypal, Shopify, Volusion Push Notifications & more).

Can I Demo my App for Free?
Yes. You can demo SmallBiZz App Free for 30 days without any charge. During the demo period, Premium Features (e.g. push notifications, commerce & payment integration) will not be available until after subscription.

What type of apps can I create with SmallBiZzApps?
Through SmallBiZzApps, advertisers, brands and companies are able to create:
Android Apps – for Samsung, HTC and all other google devices.
IOS Apps – for iPhones and iPads
HTML5 Web Apps – for any web browser

Which service does the monthly fee cover?
You will get an access to our SmallBizzApps builder solution that enables individuals and businesses to create mobile applications for delivery to mobile devices. We are constantly working on Upgrades, Updates and Fixes to maintain the best technical condition and provide newest solutions.

Can I adjust my App?
Yes you will have access to the Platform Editor where you can add/delete content, change features/pages, colors, add pictures as well as add coupons, information about events and more. Your changes go live immediately to you app users – no professional help required.

Which payment methods are provided?
You can make payments using a variety of payment methods including: credit card (Mastercard and Visa), PayPal.

How long is the subscription’s period?
Our solutions are available on the monthly subscription basis. The subscription will be renewed automatically for the same period of time unless you decide to cancel by giving one month notice.

Do you offer app design services?
Absolutely! Starting at US$199,our Design Team creates your app with the SmallBiZzApps builder features.